Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil in Warm Light Brown. Foolproof pencil and quick, this quite simple brow satisfying and shaping pen comes with a personalized, non-develop goof-confirmation suggestion and a glide on method for trouble free and swift brow stuffing. Now available in 12 colors, its organic unting and delicate shade beautifully boosts the design of brows on the initial swipe. 3 – warm lighting brown. 12-60 minutes water resistant formula. Contains a built-in mixing spoolie brush.

Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Warm Light Brown Eyebrow Pencil

Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof In 03  Eyebrow Pencil Warm Light Brown, Proof 03
Benefit 03 Goof Proof
Eyebrow Pencil Warm Light Brown
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Benefit Cosmetics 04 Proof
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Eyebrow Pencil Warm Black Brown

Do facial exercises

You do curls for your biceps, squats for your quadriceps, and crunches for your abdominals. But when was the last time you did exercises for your face?
Surprisingly, doing facial exercises could help you look younger, firm your skin, and give you fuller looking cheeks. That’s what a Northwestern University study revealed after sixteen women aged forty to sixty-five did either a daily or every-other-day facial exercise program from Happy Face Yoga for over twenty weeks. Dermatologists rated their faces at three different times during the study and confirmed that the average patient age appearance decreased, starting at 50.8 years and decreasing to almost 48.1 years at the end, an almost three-year drop in age appearance.

Eyebrow Pencil Neutral Medium Brown

In 3.5 Eyebrow Pencil Neutral Medium Brown, boosts the design of brows on the initial swipe
Benefit 3.5 Proof
Eyebrow Pencil Neutral Medium Brown
 In 3.75 Warm Medium Brown Contains a built-in mixing spoolie brush
Benefit 3.75
Eyebrow Pencil Warm Medium Brown
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Eyebrow Pencil Neutral Deep Brown

Your skin loses elasticity as you age, proof skin, face every day

Researchers explain that the exercises enlarged and strengthened the facial muscles, making women’s faces look firmer, more toned, and, thus, shaped like the faces of younger women. Your skin loses elasticity as you age, which results in fat pads that lie between your skin and muscles thinning. Credit those pads for giving your face shape. Even worse, as your skin starts to sag, the pads actually diminish in size and slide, resulting in a face that “falls.” By increasing the size of the muscles in your face, you’re basically giving your skin more stuffing, and firmer muscles make that face look more full again.

 Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel  In 4.5 Neutral Deep Brown
Benefit Gimme
Brow Volumizing Eyebrow 4.5
 Goof Proof  Cool Light Blonde Eyebrow Pencil In 01 Contains a built-in mixing spoolie brush
Benefit Eyebrow Pencil 01
 Goof Proof In 02 Warm Golden Blond Eyebrow
Benefit Eyebrow Pencil 02

Here’s one you can do anywhere to lift your cheeks: start by smiling. Now make an “O” with your mouth, folding your upper lip over front teeth. Smile again and place your index fingers lightly on the top part of the cheek, directly under your eyes. Relax your cheeks until they return to normal position. Smile again, using the corners of your mouth to lift up your cheek muscles and focus on pushing those muscles toward your eyes. Repeat ten times.

You can’t lower your real age, but lowering your fitness age could be one of your best anti aging strategies. What is fitness age? It’s a way to assess how old your body thinks it is, regardless of your real age. While you used to have to go to a lab to determine this, Swedish researchers developed a calculator so anybody can determine their fitness age. You just have to plug in certain numbers like your waistline measurement, maximum heart rate, exercise frequency and intensity, and your weight. Visit to find a free quiz you can take in less than ten minutes. Check in every six months or so to see if your number has changed.

That’s right your fitness age isn’t set in stone. You can always lower it, and you should, especially if it’s either the same as or greater than your real age. If your fitness age is higher than your real age, take that as a sign to act. How can you lower your fitness age? Here are three easy ways: shoot for 10,000 steps a day, vary the intensity of your workouts, and build some muscle strength.

Here’s why it’s key to lower your fitness age: you’ll gain additional years in life about one to two years, according to some studies and lower your risk of cancer and heart disease. You’ll also improve your quality of life, and you’ll be able to do more without getting so fatigued.

Homemade Hair Care is Quick and Versatile

Some people are already familiar with making various cosmetic products, including soaps, body butters and scrubs, lip balms; and even lotions and perfumes. Luckily, shampoo is one of the easiest things to prepare at home – you only have to know the basics and be aware of a few simple combination rules. You should also be mindful of some of the essential properties each ingredient contains in order to use it creatively in a variety of other products, too. The rest is pure pleasure, as you will discover in the following chapters.

If you want something gentler or prefer to use purer ingredients, another solution to making your shampoo is baking soda , which you may conveniently already have in your pantry at home. Baking soda is a gentle, alkaline ingredient that effectively removes dirt and chemical build-up in your hair. It is mild, yet still powerful enough to cleanse impurities and give your hair extra volume and shine.

Other people have found great results with the effects of apple cider vinegar. This all natural ingredient acts as a mild acidic base that can regulate the pH balance of your hair. Use quality, organic vinegar for best results and extra shine. This option is especially recommended for those with oily or tangled hair due to over-styling or having long or curly locks.

Apple cider vinegar is just as effective as baking soda, so feel free to try them both to see which option works best for your hair type. You should use one tablespoon of baking soda or apple cider vinegar per one cup of water as a general ratio when preparing your shampoo. Adjust quantities as desired.

Another simple cleansing agent alternative is liquid soap. Liquid Castile Soap , made from 100% plant-based oils (typically olive or coconut oil), is praised as a gentle yet effective cleansing base for shampoo, particularly for those who enjoy a slight foaming effect. This cleansing agent is gentle on the skin making it perfect for those with a dry or sensitive scalp. A little goes a long way.

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